Trump falls for the trap

Steven Colbert is one of the most talented Americans in television history. His quick wit and intelligent humor has raised the bar for all political comedy. He sings, dances and he can even debate himself (formidable opponent skit).

The one thing he couldn’t do. Get Trump to mention him. It was a challenge for Colbert to get Trump to react to him. Finally, after months of non stop Trump jokes (sometimes just repeating Trumps illogical statements) Colbert has succeeded. Trump, arguably the least talented person on TV, mentioned Colbert in an interview and it’s pure gold. Orange gold.

Here’s Trumps statement

So what did Colbert do to finally get Trump to mention him. It was most likely the epic rant Colbert gave a few nights ago where he quick fired a bunch of jokes about Trump, intentionally very rude jokes. The bit was in response to Trump’s treatment of a CBS reporter. Trump insulted a highly respected reporter that was to well mannered to hit back. Colbert gave a response for him that included a statement “The only thing Trumps mouth is good for, is to holster Steve Bannon’s cock” —

It was crude, rude, and hilarious. A perfect insult to a man who brags about grabbing woman by the pu$$y.

I doubt Trump watches Colbert on a regular basis since Trump is lacking the two requirements to enjoy Colbert.

A. Intelligence

B. A sense of humor.

But the Cock Holster for a mouth joke — I’m guessing — made its way to him. LOL- It was funny.

Watch Colbert’s response by clicking here

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