Trump has officially destroyed the Republican Party.

In case you haven’t realized. Trump has destroyed the Republican Party. I couldn’t thank him enough.

Recent town halls across the country showed following Trump down the path of sewage was a fatal mistake for Republicans. Combined with the hollow morals that republicans pretend to hold, it’s all just unbelievable. People are believing it. Even better, they are not accepting it. Not even loyal republican voters.

While everyone admits the DNC self imploded. How many noticed the dismantling of the GOP? It started during the primaries and has continued in the background of this constant Trump news cycle. Both parties are corrupt and now weakened. The people seem ready to take it all back.

I’m glad that conservative voters don’t want Russia involved in our Government. I was amazed ANY politician with a brain would think it was ok for Russian spy’s to be in the Oval Office — with electronics!

Trump held a secret meeting with top Russian spy recruiter and allowed his personal photographer, with electronic equipment into the Oval Office. To top that off, American media was banned from attending and only found out from Russian state TV. Yup, Russia state run News has more access than the American people.

Here is a Video of one meeting

Your either with Trump