Last week we saw about $1b in ad tech exits, on the heels of The Trade Desk’s successful IPO earlier in the month.

There’s been a bunch of ($100m+) ad tech exits for the year. I aggregated the available data on each using Crunchbase. You can see the data here.

So what does the data tell us?

  • There have been 12 large ad tech exits, year-to-date. I tried my best to exclude deals that were clearly mar tech or content (see: Yahoo).
  • Chinese were responsible for 4 of the exits! The trend is real.
  • Data, mobile, targeting and video were dominant themes. No surprise there.
  • NY produced the most exits, with San Francisco coming in second.
  • Average years between founding and exit was 10 years! Excluding Opera it was still 9.
  • And importantly, where funding data was available, it seems that investors saw a positive return in every case.

I think the last bullet is most interesting, particularly in the context of recent headlines about investors favoring mar tech over ad tech. As the category produces more winners, we could see a tide shift in investor sentiment.

Which is good, because the future of the space is bright.