A tale of USC — Major, Ali Aintrazi, SCG Syracuse, and myself.
Amanda Stevens

I’m sorry for the posters before me. I agree that what Ali Aintrazi did constitutes an instance of sexual harassment, honestly I would also imagine that it would be classified as a hate crime as it was directed at you specifically. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I would never come up to you or anyone else asking if I could touch their breasts. There’s an example of something that is against the law, not something that is merely inappropriate. I personally believe that Ali Aintrazi should be barred from SCG events if not the DCI for an undetermined length of time.

Perhaps I am being harsh here, but the instance took place when it should have never happened. Ali Aintrazi, a PRO PLAYER made a sexual assault (albeit a non physical one, still assault) against a woman. I don’t care what that woman looks like or was born a woman or a man. It is still Sexual Assault, which in case some of you readers didn’t know, is illegal.

I would like to think that I am a decent human being, my fiancee has had ignorant remarks because she uses a power chair for mobility and needs a card holder in order to play and help shuffling her deck, she also gets comments alluding to things she could do for (or should I say to) them. She rarely goes with me to my weekly Magic night, in part for those reasons. I’ve called people out for knocking into her chair at Grand Prix before, just because she uses a chair doesn’t mean that bumping into her doesn’t mean you should be able to ignore that it happened. Sorry for my own little crusade there.

I think that an example should be made of people who act upon these impulses like Ali Aintrazi did. I think also that because he is a Pro Player and therefor high of the recognition list that he would be a perfect example, a precedent setting instance that sexual assault in this game we all love is not to be tolerated.

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