The Rise of the Social Media Leader and CEO

What is so Great about Wijojo, Tony Fernandes and Mark Zuckerberg?

For 5 reasons;

1] They are people-focus leaders and ceos

2] They are self-made entrepreneurs

3] They leverage and live in the social media MAD world

4] They don’t rely on big government and corporate infrastructure and highly paid PR consultants and secretaries to speak to their customers and mass media.

5] They walk the talk. When facing a crisis, they don’t hide behind a curtain of conspiracies and excuses. They go to the ground and speak directly to the concerned stakeholders. In a crisis, they facebook and tweet instantly from anywhere, any place and as and where it occurred.

In summary, they are the new Social Media Leaders and CEOs of today’s connected people empowered world.

About the writer;

Eric CL Gan is an architect turned cloud entrepreneur. Still trapped in a traditional brick and mortar real estate development industry, he seeks to create a new generation of smart mobile knowledge-centric visionary real estate developers and investors via coaching and training. He can be found at #ericgan2

ceo/founder of DIGITAL RED TECHNOLOGY>>>>>#ericgan2

ceo/founder of DIGITAL RED TECHNOLOGY>>>>>#ericgan2