Tie your Queer Fiction Thinking Caps
James Finn

Yes, Like Vogon Poetry . . .

this prompt loses a bit of nuance in translation.

Here is the prompt in the original Kracken tongue.

Try reciting the words with your head underwater, preferably a porcine drainage ditch or other suitably clouded reservoir:

“OMG — This is terrible! Check this out!”
“This smells awful! Here, take a whiff.”
“S/he is really the worst. Come here, I want you to meet them.”
“I can’t eat this, it is horrendous. Here, taste it.”
“Friendly introductions to the truly appalling. That’s this week’s prompt. Now . . . Have at it! “

To truly be inspired, loved ones and little lambs, you should experience the atrociously rancid recording below while pondering the meaning of “Friendly Introductions to the Truly Appalling.”

(Head beneath the murky waters, remember.)

All will be made clear.

(except the water)

James Finn, Kay Bolden, Gwen Saoirse, Chloe Cuthbert, alto, BFoundAPen, David Montgomery, Clay Rivers