Dream Team: The Laudato Si’ Challenge founding partnership [missing — and missed: Chade Meng-Tan, Jeff Cherry, Lekha Singh, Lauren Embrey, Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy and Shelly Strebel].

“Capitalism at Any Cost”

“Money should serve, not rule.”
~His Holiness Pope Francis

As many of you fearless, awe-inspiring entrepreneurs know, creating something from nothing is very (very) hard. It takes superhuman amounts of belief, fortitude, support — and love for what you’re doing.

At The Laudato Si’ Challenge, we’ve been blessed with a lot of those things from the beginning. Our timing helps. This challenge addresses two grand challenges now facing humanity: climate change and involuntary migration.

When we first proposed this audacious idea at the Vatican last November, we had immediate support. Ibrahim AlHusseini was one of our first supporters. Here, he talks about why he is involved in The Laudato Si’ Challenge, calling out “capitalism at any cost” and proposing a new narrative:

Ibrahim was our first official investor and founding partner in The Laudato Si’ Challenge. He has been a driving force of our success, doing it with — as His Holiness Pope Francis says — tenderness and fortitude.

When you’re starting something that matters, it’s important to align with people who are mission-aligned, strategic and most of all: kindhearted. Ibrahim is a living example of these things. He believes in “compassionate capitalism”: that you can save the world, make money and have fun doing it.

I believe that has to be the new way of doing business. It is how we will move humanity forward and build a future that includes us all.

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