To Protect the Diversity Our Planet, We Must Embrace the Diversity of Our People

The Laudato Si’ Challenge, Inspired by Pope Francis is a global call to action to entrepreneurs of all faiths, on all continents, to submit their innovative business solutions for the climate crisis.

A single individual is enough for hope to exist. And that individual can be you. And there will be another you. And another you. And it turns into an us. And so hope begins when we say yes. Hope begins with you. When there is an us, there begins a revolution…the revolution of tenderness.
~His Holiness Pope Francis

THERE HAS BEEN A LOT OF TALK recently about building walls; it gets plenty of play in the mainstream media. At the same time, there has been a lot of talk about building bridges. I would argue more people are talking about building bridges. That’s because I happen to believe that most people are good, that most people want to work together to solve problems, that most people care for their fellow brother and sister. It just, sadly, doesn’t get as much coverage.

I believe in building bridges. I believe we are better together. I believe our diversity is our strength. One reason why we created The Laudato Si’ Challenge, Inspired by Pope Francis is to build bridges.

That’s why we are particuarly excited to highlight PROTRASH, a social enterprise, dedicated to optimizing the recycling industry in Mexico and empowering women in low-income communities to acquire a monetary value for their recyclable waste. PROTRASH is one of many incredible, innovative social businesses that have applied to The Laudato Si’ Challenge. They are an all-female founding team, which is particularly awesome.

PROTRASH CEO Andrea García López says:

“By empowering women, we are sharing economical growth, social impact, and reducing the carbon footprint. So far, we have 150 women impacted, 3 tons of recyclable waste collected, 8,400 kg of CO2.” 💡🗑️💸

At The Laudato Si’ Challenge, Inspired by Pope Francis, we believe that to protect the diversity of our planet, we must embrace the diversity of our people. PROTRASH is a shining beacon of everything The Laudato Si’ Challenge is about: diversity, inclusion, audacity, innovation — and harnessing the engine of business to care for our common home.

Applications for The Laudato Si’ Challenge close June 5, so if you have an innovative business that addresses the climate crisis or involuntary migration, take a moment to apply: The top teams will receive equity investment, world-class mentorship — and exposure to a global ecosystem of investors and leaders. Learn more about Protrash at: and The Laudato Si’ Challenge here:

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