Take a ride with me in my DeLorean !

If you read my first article you noticed that not only am I a huge fan of Back to the Future, I tend to contemplate a lot about going to the past and educating my younger self. Now I am not a person filled with regret I actually wear my mistakes proudly as they have helped me become a better person.

However with my imagination I just can’t help thinking about how interesting the exchange would be if I was able to travel back in time to talk to myself. One of the things I would definitely tell myself is time flies by faster the older you get. When I was 16 I thought that 30 was an eternity away and by the time I reached that age I would have the experience for 10 lifetimes. I realize now that this is not the case in fact in some ways 16 still feels like only yesterday for me.

The second thing I would tell my 16 year old self is true success comes from serving God. I think due to my culture and my upbringing I had a lot of pressure on myself to be successful in life and I realize now that God makes you an amazing success when you serve Him.

The third thing I would tell myself is the reason you are not getting girls is because you are working on a criteria that older women have for men. As a young 16 year old boy I read a lot of girls magazines and used to hear on television all the time what women wanted from men. They wanted sensitive, funny men. So I thought I was prepared to be in good standing. I was very active at my church, I did well in school and I was extremely respectful to adults. What I did not know back then is when a parent encourages a girl to go out with you at 16 this actually kills your chances! However this is wonderful when you are an adult looking to be married.

The fourth thing I would tell myself is keep dreaming big I had goals at 16 and I have to say I have accomplished many of them. So I would encourage myself at a young age to not be afraid to make lofty and grandiose goals because nothing is a greater motivator that an unmet goal you want to achieve.

The Fifth thing I would tell myself is create Facebook. Oh no Eric are you telling me you would go back in time and change the timeline by inventing a multi-billion dollar enterprise before it was actually invented? The answer to this question is YES! I wouldn’t be able to help myself which is why… No one is able to go back in time and change their past, because the temptation would be too great to make myself a powerful richer man.

This is my Day 4 post for the 30 Day Writing Challenge in the Speak Write Now Community