There is no partisanship in power; there is only power.
Nadia Asencio

I agree that there are many ruses out there to keep people divided. But partisanship is not one of them. Power requires checks to balance it, surely you would agree with that, it’s the foundation of our government and it’s what’s made the US such a vibrant and successful democracy.

There are millions of Americans who do not agree with the direction that President Trump wants to go. There are millions who believe that a deregulated economy is a risk to working people, to the environment, to making a fair and well-functioning society. There are millions who believe in protecting a woman’s right to choose, who believe in tolerance towards immigrants, who believe in protecting and strengthening public education, who believe in access to quality and affordable health care, who believe in taxing those at the top of the economy more aggressively, who believe in less-aggressive policing, who believe passionately in many things which President Trump has specifically stated he is going after. There are millions of Americans who don’t agree with President Trump’s “solutions to our economic and foreign policy problems.”

They should just go along anyway, because he’s the president?

He’s not a king, and we don’t live in a monarchy. We have the right and responsibility as citizens to advocate for the things we believe in, peacefully and forthrightly. Democracies are the best way people have yet come up with to make a stable society. That doesn’t end just because of one election. I recognize and respect that President Trump represents your political inclinations. It makes sense that you should support him, if so. People come from different experiences, backgrounds, and have different interests and points of view. We should be able to compromise and work together, certainly. But quiet acquiescence strikes me as particularly un-American.

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