Ironically, using that definition Hillary Clinton is more of a fascist that Trump.
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Thanks for that, it’s a thoughtful response. I left out a critically important part of the definition (I should not try to respond on a mobile phone) and that is: “Fascism is a political economic structure which serves corporate interests.” So a single-payer healthcare system would be an example of socialism, but not fascism. Medicaid, stronger EPA, FDA, student loan assistance etc., all which she does support, would not represent fascism either. It’s the opposite, in fact.

As for how they have ‘suppressed opposition and criticism’, I won’t argue something where I have no knowledge. But I don’t think they used the power of the state to forcibly control the media or individual freedom of speech, expression, etc. on a national scale.

Regardless, we can just agree to disagree on that.

I do think I can make a strong argument for the fascistic tendencies of Trump, especially the unhinged, fear-mongering guy who is undermining the credibility of the government and election through hyper-drama and lies, calling upon a vast international conspiracy and eliciting absolutely frightening and aggressive threats out of his supporters, but that was not my intention here, as it was directed at left-leaning voters who are considering Jill Stein over Hillary.

Again, thanks for your reasonable and respectful response, I appreciate it.

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