From Chicago, IL, Hiller Associates’ Managing Partner; Eric Hiller He specializes in operational and process improvements, while also gives insight to software and hardware product management.

Eric Arno Hiller worked as an engagement manager and senior expert at McKinsey & Company…

Companies always have processes, whether those processes are formalized or not. One of the most important processes is how companies develop and deliver products or service that both fulfill consumer expectations efficiently and align with the overall business strategy.

Though it might appear laborious and perhaps ill-advised to re-shuffle a…

Product cost management (PCM) and design-to-value (DtV) are two areas in companies capable of delivering the greatest of impact, but are sadly prone to the biggest blunders by leadership.

Eric A. Hillerand a specialist in product development and procurement, has unveiled some of…

Eric Hiller

Eric Arno Hiller is the managing partner of Hiller Associates | Chicago, IL |

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