A Local high-school teacher was hospitalized after being found on a Tennessee section of the Appalachian Trail with a broken leg.

Will Henderson, 39, had been hiking a few hours off the trail near Gregory Bald when he slipped and broke his leg during a stream crossing. He crafted a splint for his leg using sticks and string and began pushing his 40-pound pack of food and equipment before him as he sludged through the dense underbrush of the Tennessee wilderness.

The crawl back to the main trail took four days, in which time much of the backpack’s contents had been discarded as clothing became waterlogged and increasingly heavy. He did however hold onto pictures of his two daughters and wife, claiming that by looking upon them he found strength to continue his trek towards rescue.

Two hikers discovered Henderson in his rugged state and sent for aide after he repeatedly cried for help. He was hospitalized in Knoxville for several days but has since been moved to a local facility to recuperate.

“I’ll never forget the feeling I had when they found me, not if I live to be a hundred” Henderson said during an interview.

Will Henderson teaches biology at Jefferson High School and is no stranger to the perils of the wilderness, having been an avid hiker since mere the age of ten and now a member of the National Hiking Association. He had been hiking from Georgia for about ten days before the incident and had intended to hike the whole 3,000 miles of the trail.