Arson is the suspected cause of a fire that killed 15 horses in a barn at Lincoln Downs Race Track early Thursday morning.

Described as “definitely suspicious” by Fire Chief Bernard Perry, an arson squad was called to the scene of the 4 a.m. flames. According to the track’s assistant general manager, Dan Bucci, the fire was not the fault of any equipment in the single-story barn as it started in the center of the barn and not in any of the rooms at the back of the barn where electrical components and heaters were located.

The fire occurred the morning before the official opening of racing season. It totaled the barn and resulted in ten horses escaping- two with their backs on fire as they stampeded through the dark barnyard and away from the raging blaze. Of the 15 dead, 13 were thoroughbreds and were two saddle horses.

“Those are my best friends… I feel like I want to cry” jockey Albert Ramos stated of the horses as he watched workers maneuver through the charred wooden supports and debris to clear the wreckage.

The supports were all that were left of the structure which smoldered till noon Friday.

Like poetry, brevity and conciseness are important virtues to anyone writing a news story in that the power of singular words are emphasized when analyzed by readers in efforts to draw as much information from an article as possible.

In the revision of my article I elected to keep this thought in mind and to focus on developing words and phrases to tell more truth in simpler or shorter terms. By eliminating words that just didn’t “fit” and evolving certain adjectives I feel I accomplished the effect of this thought even as the article itself became shorter.

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