World is a simulation— and ‘God’ is the machine
Ashutosh Jain

Based on the Brockhaus entry:
 William Shakespeare was born 23. April 1556 und died 23. April 1616 (wirh 2 x 30 =) 60 years. Nothing handwritten is left. 
 Mr. Shakespeare 46 (= 23 + 23) years old, when the ‚King-James‘-Bibel was realeased.
 In psalm 46 (= 23 + 23) of this Bibel the 46. word (= 23 + 23) ‚shake‘, and the 46. word (= 23 + 23) from the end is ‚spear ‘. 
 What adds to the name: Shakespeare; but he did not contribute to this Bible.
 What is a ShakeSpeare? The sign for electric current, the old GER(=speare)MAN Sig Rune, that means SigSal = fate. 
 It is a hint the each atom is his own (Vortex-number) power generator and… who is Hamlet?
 means small village (like Asterix), or ham let = piece of meat = mortal
 being, not a god in the sense of Plato and also hamlet = radio amateur.
 first name „William“ questions the reality of Shakespeare and our 
 reality, it aks„Will i am?“ oder “To be, or not to be”. and 
 simultanously recursively answers: I am will.
 — -
 atomic war between the land of the A-rIan-s (check wikipedia) and isRaEl
 and DEUS, the 10 kings is already ongoing NOW = in the near future for 
 the consciousness of the figures in minute 0:20:12. Like Michio Kaku, 
 one of the inventors of the string theory says, right now Dinosaurs are 
 walking through your living room, you just can’t see them, can’t tune 
 your eyes and brain… to the next scene of the interactive game.
 3rd WW was entered 2003 from New York (man hat TAN) to London (DON 
 babyLON) to Rom (stRom) and finally Kopenhagen (KOPENhAGEn).. Every 20 
 years, you can feed in power into the bioRhythm, like all the presidens 
 elected in steps 20 of years with a 0 at the end in gods own count try 
 died unnaturally up to Ronald Reagan who survived heavily injured. 1923 
 they did the first time experiments, then 1943 to 1983 the 
 Philadelphia/Phoenix Experiment 11/12/13 August and finally 14 August 
 2003, Montauk Island, New York, where nemesiS|Siemens installed a high 
 power sea cable. This is how they distributed the mental power, the 
 spirit (man hat tan, man has power) to influence our will along from 
 gods own count try all along the road of blood and t error of deus > 
 deu-s > de>us > d-eu-s > D€U$ = fractal of 1318 = John 13,18
 = 666. 
 They CAN NOT hide, regardless what they do, how many they 
 will kill in the name of GOD. Who plays GOD = Hebrew m’cha el? This is 
 our contribution: damus nostra! 1503–1566 = 18–666 = 6+6+6–666 = 
 0. Monsieur Volt Aire (the real name is François Marie Arouet) was told 
 his day of death by the Earl of Saint GERmain, like you can read in old 
 books from the eighteenth century — they can only make us BLIND.
 Hamlet held in hands the skull of Yorick, the dead chester, when he said to be or not to be.
 Never stay up on the barren heights of cleverness, but come down into the green valleys of silliness.
 (Ludwig Wittgenstein)
 We are able to overwrite our near future, it is in our will…
 COUNT dOWN started the same “one day”, in the brains, the fractals of 
 the universe, the holoGramma (allNumbers) the counting space of 
 Zuse|Zeus. Zeus wants to kidnap €urope in disguise of a Taurus. If you 
 just check the map this means starting FINancial destruction beginning 
 with Greece.
 In case it is NOT our WILL, there will be no total 
 surveillance, no climatic catASTROphe, no atomic war between isRaEl and I
 ran and DEUS and the 10 kings, no chipping of the productive to control
 all the money flow and 1CCess rights to each and everything, no central
 super computer storing each breath of us, no killing of 2 billion 
 Africans and further Asians like they did with all the Indians and 
 Aborigines to reduce self caused! overpopulation, because having 
 deracinated by sWORD and preACHING the woODEN t Error instead of 
 natUR-e, no starving of the jobless and the old because we have to boost
 a foolish economy/technology that will NEVER enable us to leave the 
 planet, an economy that builds amUSE-ment, builds playstations… we ARE 
 the ultimative playstation… “now” FAILED but self learning and self 
 In einem Satz: when number crunching stops, we will figure OUT!