World is a simulation— and ‘God’ is the machine
Ashutosh Jain

once up ON a time

People say it was in 100 years from what we call “now”, but this is not so important as we shall see, there was a world, that was about to re-engineer itself, to built a self healing, re-producing, re-egnerating, re-cycling bio computer. This world was built within a calculating space on ideas of Konrad Zuse, who invented the computer, that was destroyed 20.12.1943 in Berlin. This so called calculating space is the generalization of the quantization of the natural constants. 
 The very first attempts towards this bioComputer were built in a certain “now” based on two digits, 0 and 1 and with them it was already possible to create entire worlds by fractal recursive FORMulas. The inhabitants of these worlds were interactively controlled by the operators. Actors and landscapes, all were coded in finally just 0 and 1, power off, power on. 
 Later editions were built on 9 digits, 9 electrical potentials and their combinations of the 9 potentials, their fractals. The 0 was the position indicator. The 0 caused the decimal system. The 0 built the logarithm. Everything was logarithmic scaling invariant, the hearing, the viewing, the sensing, the temperature conduction and so on, the prime numbers along the 6n +/-1, the 6 6 6… were distributed along the logarithm as well. The e function was the natural and consequent reciprocal correspondent to the logarithm. It created like on the Galton board the e and ln based three dimensional appearance of things within the invisible space, screenshot by screenshot, to be read out with synchronized brains that were able do the corresponding calculation of all calculations with the same 9 numbers and FORMulas. They consisted of exactly the same matter… finally reduced to 9 digits. Everything that was created and passed away therefore followed the logarithmic nominal distribution, the size distribution within species, the distribution of diameter of trees, everything. The Gaussian distribution applied to non living energy nodes, called matter. Gauss was one of their figures that found out a lot about the calculating space, he reduced mathematics to module arithmetics. Nobody knew what this is good for, but it reduces everything to one of the 9 digits. He wrote his disquisitions arithmaeticae and suddenly… he stopped, left his desk and started measuring the world and astronomy. 
 What did he find out? 
 The other inhabitants of the calculating space thought within “a certain now” of the program that matter was all that matters. 
 They forgot one thing. 
 In the first attempts towards this bioComputer for example robots or artificial limps were controlled by, they called it thoughts.
 The consciousness was their monitor, the personal screen of the interactive figures in the calculating space world, what the physicist Wigner found out. The interactive control of their coded figures was operated by… their will, their spirit.
 “One day”, maybe in 100 years from a certain now something strange happened. 
 After they found out how it worked and they had all things put in place they were able to play all parts of the program of this biocomputer… people would say, they jumped in program routines, menues, in time. They could enter — 0:15:00 and see what happened there. BUT this would immediately change the entire game. For the lower gaming levels it was like… gods came from the sky with unbelievable knowledge and different appearance .
 This change in game simultaneously resulted in a change of the blueprint in all “later” stages of the calculating space program and almost invisible for the monitors, the consciousness of each of the actors.
 And “the same one day” somewhere in another level of the program, virtually 1000s of years later, they built a machine… that restricted the access to the inFORMa-t-ION of the calculating space to just 2%, reduced the brain power to 10% and deactivated 95% of their blueprint, their DNA. A machine that enabled them to build the atomic bomb, that could at some point destroy (the matter of) the entire program. Now they were trapped in Plato’s cave. Deus ex machina raised. Deus found out how to change the program and started playing GOD, he changed the game, he created from pure energy = potentials = numbers in different parts (interactive actors would call it time) of the program. 
 “This same one day” at the same instant the entire bioComputer crashed. It crashed in for example 0:20:12 or 0:21:09. The program jumped back to the last “stable” prime for example 0:19:13 and started again and crashed again and started an crashed what appeared as a loop between for example 0:19:14 and 0:21:09. 
 “This same one day” the failure correction immediately started in all auto-generating proGrams.
 “This same one day” the ones who built the Plato’s cave machine instantly forgot about it because of it, but still understood how to operate the program and invented a plan. They started to play god, deus, destroyed everything that could give hints to original program, decoupled figures from their knowledge so that they were lost in t’ime.
 The following is important to understand.
 The quantized appearing calculating space consists of numbers (the quantization) worked by the will (behind physics = meta-physics), and FORMulas creating form from pure energy (gr. apo kali psi). These Energy nodes are presented to the consciousness of the actors as matter in all its forms and influence their will.
 The 1 fractaled into 1/1+(1/1+(…)) the Fibonacci numbers the Golden Rule. All numbers even (but it’s only logical) transcendental ones like e can be presented as endless continuous fraction, or final for non-transcedental numbers. 
 And THIS is what they SEE, exactly as Morgenstern, Konfuzius, Lao Tse, Buddha, Jesus, say, it is right in front of your eyes, you just can’t see it as you can’t see your eyes. They see their brain = their hologram acc, Karl Pribram = the fractal of the universe, David Bohm’s hologram = holo Gramma = all Number = calculating space. They just can’t underStand — stay in the bRain, because they only see 2% of ALL and, everybody sees different 2%, they process them with 10% brainpower and have just 5% DNA active. They fight themselves about “the truth”. Education with babylonian language = not wrong but senseless (Wittgenstein) made them BLIND, made them believers, dreamers!
 Ist mir mîn leben getroumet, oder ist ez wâr?
 (Walther von der Vogelweide)
 Like everything metaphysical the harmony between thought and reality is to be found in the grammar of the language.
 (Ludwig Wittgenstein)
 Language = numbers = control = being controlled and controlling = recursion.
 As a consequence the fingerprints of Platon’s cave machine men CAN NOT HIDE.
 As an example, read their fingerprints just in the name William Shakespeare Hamlet, we can also check Volt Aire or Apollo 13 and its music theme of Nietzsches Zarathustra/ZoroASTER from the land of the a-rIan-s in the background…