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What about (if you’re the Kings)trying to trade for #3 overall this year? Resign and trade Collison…send him w/ the 10th overall and 34th pick to Philly for #3?

DC is a solid PG and would provide some veteran wisdom and a PG for Philly to start/w Simmons…etc. Is this a pipe dream? Would Philly go for this?

The 76'ers would still get a very solid asset at #10 and potentially #34! If you were the Kings…would you EVEN throw in next years first round pick w/ a deal like this? How often does a Josh Jackson come onto the board? Plus! Philly doesn’t really want him!!!! They want a PG!!!!

Meanwhile, SacTOWN get’s Jackson at #3, Fox at #5.

Potential starting lineup: PG: Fox, SG: Hield, SF, Jackson, PF: Skal, C: WCS? Super young, but extremely fun to watch! Plus you let these guys grow for a couple of years until the Warriors/Cav’s are done being super douche teams.

Fill the bench w/ whoever you needed…Bring back Lawson/ Kosta/Papa Murphys Pizza/Malichi..etc

I’m just saying… would the Kings ever get anyone close to Josh Jacksons talents in next year’s draft or anything close to him in FA over the next couple of years? Granted, you might lose next years pick(and the following year! Oy vay’ being a Kings fan is tough!) But you get a young fun core that will grow now…all primed to set up a future for SacTown.

And in the great words of Robert Deniro at the ending of, ‘Casino’

“ And that’s, that.”

-Concerned Kings Fan