It’s Time For a Revolution In Video Monetization Latency

Eric Hoffert
Mar 3, 2016 · 17 min read

The Magic of Seeing Digital Video For the First Time

It’s Time to Create a Fluid, TV-like Experience on The Open Video Internet

It’s Like Watching a Sotheby’s Auction With a Blank Screen Before Your Video Starts

Endless buffering due to long video ad loading times…
Source: Krishnan, S. S., Sitaraman, R. K. (November 2012). “Video Stream Quality Impacts Viewer Behavior: Inferring Causality Using Quasi-Experimental Designs.” Boston, MA: Internet Measurement Conference. This graph shows that for short form video content common on the web, with five seconds of delay 20% of users will abandon a video stream, after ten seconds 40% will depart, and a delay of 20 seconds causes 80% of viewers to stop watching the content.
Video advertising latency can be the result of one or more factors as outlined above

With Video, Every Millisecond Counts

Source: NY Times

A Call to Arms to Radically Change How Video Monetization Works

We Need to Push The Latency Out of The Video Play Button

Server Side Video Ad Stitching

Client-Side Video Auctions and What to Do About Them

The video bus has to wait for the slowest kid to get on before it can leave!

A Video Latency Solution Up to 100x Faster

Next Steps to The Better Video Internet

Move latency away from the play button and into the cloud.

Video ad caches retrieve video fast.

Develop new IAB standards for client side auctions.

Rewrite VPAID mediation creatives so auctions run on VPAID InitAd and auctions complete rapidly.

Shift demand from VPAID Flash to VAST + video or VPAID JavaScript.

Industry Action

Source: IAB

Optimize video players for near-instant loading (< 250 ms).

Move to home/office speeds at the Gigabit Internet level via Wireless or Fiber.

Minimize network traffic and API calls for advertising and content logic on publisher pages.

Load balancing and fail-over for CDNs to ensure fast network path to video end user.

Push on Moore’s law to speed video across CPUs, GPUs, network bandwidth, and memory.

Explore use of high quality, low-bandwidth video codecs (Alliance for Open Media, H.265).

Measure, benchmark, and report on video latency in a way that is transparent and open in the industry.

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