hey! i create a microservices framework on nodejs https://github.com/Devisjs.
Ismail Reida

Ismail Reida just starred your project, it seens cool, but personally i believe you can make it easier to understand for beginners, for those not used with microservices (or actors) .add and .act might be a barrier for comprehension, in studio i decided to make everything work seamlessly as a function call, i know this is an architecture decision and is completely up to you to decide the best for your framework, but i usually prefer to make it easier for beginners.
You can also improve your documentation a little bit, i would put the “requirements” in the end of the documentation, as most programmers already have gcc in his computer, and again, for beginners it might seem like an extra step before installing, but as most of them already have gcc installed by default they can just skip this step, so it should be in the end of the docs.

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