Me and My Story

We all experience life through our own story, our version of the truth.

We live from a script which was co-written by our parents, teachers, ministers, friends and strange uncles. Most of the knowledge we learn early in life is based on second-hand experience.

Passed down from generations before us.

Some of it is useful like don’t jump off moving trains… we don’t have to try it to understand why it is a good rule. But a lot of other information we carry that shape our filter of the world can be damaging.

This is the ME and MY story. How could it not be? I am the observer of my life and I see with my own eyes. I think with my mind. I love with my heart. I filter everything through my knowledge and my awareness.

“Human beings are poor examiners, subject to superstition, bias, prejudice, and a PROFOUND tendency to see what they want to see rather than what is really there.” ― M. Scott Peck

When I interact with others in the world I see them as I have either been told as I have experienced them personally.

For example if I was dating a girl and she cheats on me I would be devastated. I would be hurt and most likely carry a fear into the next relationship.

Then let’s say it happens again. My next girlfriend cheats on me also.

“I can’t fucking believe this. How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?” — Bruce Willis, Die Hard 2

I would begin to believe that all girls were out to get me. I would add this to my story and make changes in my behavior to defend myself from feeling pain again.

I would not fully extend myself to love in the next relationship. I would make excuses and justify my actions. This would become part of my story and how I viewed the world.

This happens over and over in different situations. As I become older I become hardened. I begin to share this with others. Warn my children, give them a complex about relationships and how they will only get hurt in the end.

I may not even do this with words. Maybe through my own pain I have developed a lack of emotion. I don’t hug. I avoid intimacy.

This is just one example but you can see how our own experience can quickly become part of someone else’s and we keep passing it down the line.

A tremendous amount of the work we undertake in our spiritual growth is to identify the scripted backstory from the actual truth. The Me and Myself from the I AM.

My mom, my dad, my strange uncles, they didn’t know any better. They were just sharing their story with me. But without realizing it their fears became my fears. I added onto it by walking through life unaware.

Our stories are highly unique. Each person has an individual experience on this planet. Between themselves and God. How we interact with each other is based on this story.

If we allow events to just happen without judging others, making them part of our own story it can making staying in the truth a little easier.

People do some harmful and weird shit to one another. But realize they only do this because they are trapped in their own story.

I believe our story is never written. Keep submitting future drafts.