Be A King Crab

Normally a king crab is the most iconic seafood when you sit in a hi-end restaurant.





and Yummy…blah blah.

You can hardly to find another kind seafood that similar with it. In my thought, a king crab presents Unique and Luxury that what we really want to pursue in our life. It’s about the attitude of everything we do and we are. In DROP, I care every detail including pricing, but that doesn’t mean the pricing will be focused externally. Every work just has its price tag. That’s it. If you love the brand indeed, even the price tag will never be the point in your purchase decision. Sometimes it’s also the way I appreciate the brand I love. For a brand owner, it’s the most important problem about what you’d like to bring to your customers and what you are, what the brand is. Whatever you figure out what you are.

Be a King Crab