Eric Hu

Thaddeus Niles


Sept 19th

How should student writers use a campus writing center?

Every student in college knows the existence of campus writing center but not all of them take advantage of the writing center and even fewer truly understand how to use campus writing center properly. Neither do students understand how to use a campus writing center nor what campus writing center can do for them. Some of the students think writing center is a place to help them get an A on their essays or a place to help them when they need immediate help of their papers, which are, unfortunately, all wrong ways to use campus writing center. The following paragraphs are going to talk about the function of campus writing center and three basic ways to use campus writing center based on the suggestions given by Abude Alasaad, a writing tutor in Skidmore College.

Understanding the function of campus writing center is very crucial for students to truly understand the usage of it because unless students know what writing center is capable of, they will use it as panacea, which is detrimental for both students and writing center. Campus writing center is not Shakespeare producing center. Writing tutors are always willing to help students open their mind and do brainstorm together. They are dedicate themselves into how to make students’ papers look more logically, more coherently, and more thoughtfully. There is a old saying in China “it’s better to teach others how to fish rather than give them fish”, and campus writing center is set up for the same reason as the old saying.

First suggestion is using campus writing center regularly, which means students may better to go to campus writing center once a week rather than go there just before the mid-term or finally paper’s deadline. Students are impossible to improve their writing skills in just once or twice tutor time because writing is long process, and to improve writing, students need to read more, think more, and practice more. If students want to use campus writing center to improve their writing skills, they must use it regularly and follow the suggestions that writing tutors give to them.

Second suggestion is developing friendship or tutorship with a certain writing tutor. Students who use campus writing center very often need to find a tutor who fit them best. Although all the writing tutors are very good at writing and tutoring, developing tutorship with a certain tutor who fit best can make tutoring process more thorough and continuous because under this circumstance, writing tutors are able to know more about students’ writing level and follow students’ writing process to help them become better.

Third suggestions is becoming a writing tutor. Campus writing center is not only the place students can get help but also the place those writing skilled students give their hands to others. Thus, if some of the students truly improve a lot by using campus writing center and reach a high level in writing, to be a writing tutor in campus writing center can be a excellent way to use writing center. When tutoring others, actually, writing tutors themselves are also improving because at same time, they also open their mind and do critical think to find a way to give other students suggestions and make their essay better. The more they tutor, the better they master their writing skills.

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