Boulevard Park

Taylor Dock right around Sunset time

We all think we’ve seen beauty but have we really? In a state, we like to call Washington also well known as the evergreen state there is a beautiful city called Bellingham. The city itself is such a gorgeous place, you can get a view of Bellingham Bay or even Mt. Baker and on sunny days maybe even the San Juan Islands. But right next to Bellingham Bay is a place that myself and many others like to go to called, Boulevard Park. It isn’t just an ordinary park it is the park to go to.

Van Gogh once said. “If you truly love Nature, you’ll find beauty everywhere.” Boulevard Park is one of the prettiest places to go in Bellingham. Located right at the bottom of Sehome Hill and about an estimated 10 mile drive off I5. So, why wouldn’t you visit the park? The parks location is lovely, it was established in 1980 according to the city of Bellingham. While visiting you’ll have a lot to do, it has a playground, picnic tables, trails, pocket beaches, and even a boardwalk! Oh wait did I forget there’s a coffee shop called “The Woods Coffee” right next to the water! Isn’t that splendid? The geographical location is just beyond superb. I have never appreciated so much beauty in one park.


Boulevard Park has many activities and things to do while you visit so pack some lunch because you’ll be here for a while. While spending time at the park I noticed that the boardwalk also known as “Taylor Dock” seems to be popular to visitors regardless of the weather. According to the city of Bellingham the dock was once used to support the waterfront industry but it was then opened to the public in 2004. Walking on the boardwalk is just a miraculous feeling, you feel so close to the water maybe because you are on top of the water but you also feel the fresh breeze and it almost makes it feel like you’re at peace. Watching sunsets and even just looking out into the bay and looking at the San Juan Islands is beautiful and an absolute must when going to Boulevard Park. The beauty you get from this is just simply remarkable.

Although I don’t want to spoil the whole park let me just talk about the “Woods Coffee”, the coffee is amazing and it’s just not your ordinary sit-down coffee shop. This coffee shop has a warm cabin in the woods feeling. There’s an upstairs and a downstairs and even a fireplace! There’s also an outside area but depending on the weather you might want to stay inside and stay warm. You see so many people enjoying their time inside from college students enjoying their white chocolate mocha while stressing out about homework or even family’s enjoying their nice warm hot chocolate. But of course iced drinks are a hit in the summer! You just see so many smiles and everyone enjoying their time. So, don’t forget to visit Woods Coffee.

Coming to a conclusion if you are ever in Bellingham, Boulevard Park is a must. Although I am a teenager, the park is appropriate for all age groups. The kids can enjoy the playground and play in the sand, the teens can have coffee and use the WI-FI while the adults have coffee walk around but also watch the kids. The park is one of the prettiest places in town and you don’t want to miss out. So whatever you need to do to visit t do it and remember come early to get a parking spot. But wait don’t forget the camera you’ll definitely be taking pictures. This place will make your heart melt and I believe is one of the prettiest parks in Washington state. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity. All together this park has so many activities to do while you visit and I can guarantee you that you will not once get bored while visiting.

So much beauty in one picture