How I gain, maintain or lose weight

I’ve put a lot of thought in to this topic over the years. I used to count calories everyday. It works, but it also sucks. These days I take a much simpler approach and see the same results.

  • To gain weight: Eat until you’re full. Then have dessert.
  • To maintain weight: Eat “healthy”* food until you’re full.
  • To lose weight: Eat “healthy”* food until you’re not hungry**.

“Healthy” food: a variety of wholesome, protein rich foods that aren’t astronomically high in calories

“Not hungry” is not the same as full. It’s that point we’re all used to blowing past when the hunger sensation is gone, but your belly isn’t saying “stop!”.

That’s about it. You can add exercise to this formula to tweak things and eat more if you like. And of course exercise has it’s own benefits that make it worthwhile by itself, but to change your body you don’t strictly need it. And, you can verify that this is working week to week by using the scale.

I have a natural tendency to complicate things; it’s something I’m actively working to change, which is where this formula came from. If you don’t need to complicate something, don’t!

This guide is aimed at casual fitness people like myself. Not sure it will work for pro bodybuilders, models, or Fabio.

Thanks for reading.

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