I started a new note on my phone last month called Lifetime List, and it’s been a hell of a time thinking of tasks to complete. A Lifetime List is a blend of grandeur objectives and aspirations that you truly hold yourself accountable to.

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Heli-skiing in Whistler, BC.

How is this any different from a generic bucket list?

It has no boundaries. Make it ridiculous. Rediscover the mindset of your inner-child and remind yourself of the enthusiasm you once had of becoming an astronaut, cowboy, or even Disney princess. No one else is reading it unless you show them…

Make it a reality. All you have to do is take these ‘dreams’ and translate them into something attainable: going to space, horseback riding across the Southwest, or visiting every castle in Europe will do the trick. You can get somewhat close to these childhood identities if you maintain this mindset. …

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I recently had the opportunity to travel to Berlin, Germany with my good friend Ben Gallagher to work on a marketing campaign with an up-and-coming startup called Hackerbay.

Berlin is fascinating.

It is such a complex and edgy place to be. It was beyond any expectation I had created in my mind on the flight over. I never felt unsafe at any point, but it didn’t feel like I was strolling through District One of the Hunger Games. It was a perfect balance.

Ben and I took our time getting to know the place. We looked at maps, questioned the founders of Hackerbay about the different areas, historical landmarks, the neighborhood stereotypes, the German education system, listened to local rappers and had amazing food, so on. …


Eric Ward

www.ericjward.com | Creative Director @NFX

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