Dear Bernie Supporters, take over or shut up

Dear Bernie folks, please stop complaining about the DNC, stolen primaries, and Hillary Russia money. Just because you feel wronged does not mean the sea will part for you. So, take over the Democratic Party or shut up.

Start with your state legislative district’s annual pancake breakfast and move up from there. Become your precinct committeeperson, work your way up through the local, county and state level. Believe me, the structure is ossified and can be taken over in time.

Obsessing about the DNC in Washington will not get you anywhere because it is protected by a structure that flows down to the local level. People in the precincts, states, to the national party, they support each other for mutual interest and, you might not believe, friendship, up and down the line. Young Democrats take their social networks with them as they age into the main party. Precinct committeemen help their councilman, who in turn helps a congresswoman. Yes there is big money pushing things around at the DNC level, but take over the local level, then over time you can take the DNC.

You just need to invest the time

Get out from behind your computer screens. Stop posting and do some real politics with real people, not just visit your whining fellow travelers. Go to your ward club, your district picnic, the village candidate forum. Maybe run for local office. Do the work to take things over.

This is what happened to the GOP. Social conservatives focused obsessively on the entry level party positions and elected offices and worked their way up. And look — they got Trump and Pence.

Plan on a decade or two to win. If you cannot commit to that, stop complaining and realize that in our first-past-the-post, non-parliamentary system, political interests polarize into two parties and you need to support the one more likely to care about more people than the other and stop whining.

Do the best thing now

The Democratic Party must become more progressive, less afraid of the left and less enthralled to a non-existent “middle.” And the party is there for the taking, if you put in the time and effort. But, short of taking over, at least do the right thing now and stop obsessing about how wrong the Democratic Party is. It is a waste of energy that risks handing Trump another term.

The Democratic Party will select congressional candidates and shamble towards its presidential nominee. The process will not be pretty, nor the candidates perfect. But any Democrat is better than any Republican who survives the right wing craziness of their primaries. I think after nine months of Trump and a GOP Congress, we can all agree on that.

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