Thanks Notch

Dear Mr. Notch,

I heard the news today about Microsoft acquiring Minecraft and that you would be moving onto other endeavors. Personally I think that is great. Not necessarily in regards to the whole Microsoft thing (which isn’t terrible), but for you. I thought that your letter of personal thoughts was refreshing and honest, and like so many things you have created, touched something personal within me. Which brings me to my point in writing you a letter to say thank you.

Over 4 years ago I had pretty much given up on being excited by video gaming. At the time, as a 35 year old gamer, I was bored by the graphics, the sameness, the cost and the lack of exploration in games. Even in the so-called sandbox games, which as much as I do enjoy some destruction from time to time, were too perversely violent for me. Clunking away on my old PC, I came across the Minecraft website and decided to check it out. I paid, downloaded and I have never been disappointed.

I was immediately enthralled. I had no idea what to do, there were no instructions, the game was scaring the crap out of me (damn creepers and rattling skeletons) and I kept wondering what the point was. After 8 hours of gameplay, I was hooked and still didn’t know if the game had a point or not and didn’t really care. I could create a whole world on my own.

Much has been written about the simple genius of the game, but I wanted to thank you not only for helping create what I consider one of the greatest games ever, but for creating a something that bridges a generational gap. I can’t think of any game of thought and intelligence that I can discuss with just about anybody. Long conversations with kids, teens, adults and crusty old-timers about seeds, tactics and how to create a Nether Portal. Do you know how nice it was to play a game online that didn’t have 10 year olds gathering together to kick my ass but instead to help build something? Actually you probably do know how nice it is. Regardless, it’s pretty cool.

Now obviously I don’t know you, but it seems that much of what has happened with Minecraft is beyond what you intended. Most great things are like that. All in all, I appreciate what you helped make and wish you the sanity you are looking for. God speed Notch.

Eric Mortensen

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