The Best Features to Look for in a Mobile CRM

The speed at which today’s transactions take place — both in the nonprofit and for-profit landscapes — requires an agility that exceeds traditional expectations. From a fundraising standpoint, mobile technology can be extremely helpful with lead and donor interactions, nurturing connections towards a positive result and establishing the basis for a mutually beneficial relationship. And as we all know, it’s all about relationships.

Building relationships with your mobile CRM

Technology, and specifically mobile tech, can help facilitate the kind of relationships that bear fruit, both for the donor and the Major Gift Officer.

And face it — today’s connections don’t just happen in the office anymore. This means you need to be ready to collect, deliver, respond to and access contacts and information on the fly.

A cloud-based mobile CRM solution is not the only way this can happen, but it’s certainly easier than collecting business cards and then spending your after-work hours meticulously entering the info into your company’s system manually. You run the risk of the task not getting done at all, and perhaps dropping the ball on an important lead.

To this end, today’s fundraising efforts need a next-generation CRM solution. But with so many on the market to choose from, how do you decide which one is right for you?

The top mobile CRMs for fundraising and nonprofits have several things in common:

They allow you to collect lead and contact information instantly

Connecting with your leads is important, but once the meeting is over, you’ll both need to wrap it up quickly and get on to the next thing. Your mobile CRM should facilitate interactions, not hinder them. Enter contact information once, and it is instantly accessible to everybody in the company. You can even enter detailed notes about your meeting for other departments to follow up. It’s a true omnichannel experience that everybody in the organization is going to love.

Gives you 360˚, real-time access to all of your interactions

With access to all donor interactions, donation history, events they attended, and how they have interacted with your various marketing efforts, you’ll never miss a detail, ever again. Whether you’re dealing with volunteers, donors, or other stakeholders, you’ll be able to see the entire lifecycle of your relationship at a glance so you’ll never skip a beat, or miss an opportunity.

Get insights into your social media campaigns, interactions, and activities

Modern mobile CRMs connect to every aspect of your customer life cycle, including your social media activity. Post, like, comment, and interact with your donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders in real time, because this allows you to connect and interact with them the way they want to connect and interact. And being able to access detailed metrics that are directly tied to each individual contact? Priceless.

They automate your most important tasks

Any successful sales funnel or fundraising campaign requires a multi-touch approach. Following up, nurturing, prompting your leads to take action; all of these activities can be completely automated.

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Gain business intelligence through analytics

A modern CRM does so much more than just keep a handle on your contacts. It provides a periscopic view of everything that’s going on in your company, as well as a detailed macro view of each campaign and each client. With that kind of intelligence quite literally in the palm of your hand, imagine the possibilities.

Manage your volunteers, manage your events

Your mobile CRM can facilitate the recruitment and management of volunteers, as well as help you schedule and track their shifts at fundraising events. It will also help you post new events, manage calendars, track RSVPs, create seating charts and share summary reports with your team. Your mobile CRM should also facilitate check-ins at events, and deliver up-to-the minute metrics so you’ll always know exactly what’s going on, even if you’re not in the building.

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Originally published at on September 14, 2017.