{Your beliefs} May Be Keeping You From What’s Rightfully Yours.

#It’s Our Beliefs That Will Hold Us Back Or Push Us Forward:

When we believe that we can do something, then guess what we can. Most of the time it’s ourselves and our own limiting beliefs that’s stopping us from going through with what we really want from our lives.

#Know And Change Your Limiting Beliefs:

To change unwanted habits or low self-esteem, to change lifestyle, to take responsibility for one’s own health or to reduce stress responses, will probably need some sort of belief change, because what we believe creates the reality we experience.

Social Experiment:

Take a look at something that you were told when you were younger. Now that you’re older, do you still believe this to be true? Is it working for you or are you using this as an excuse to hold yourself back from what you want? If this is holding you back and now you know about it, what are you gonna do about it? Write out the answers to each of these questions. Then read them back to yourself out loud. Take notice of how you feel and the tone of your voice when you read what you wrote.


Do the social experiment. Then in the comments tell us what you were told when you were younger. Next if you enjoyed this article sign up for the newsletter and also receive a free e-book on Mindful Meditation.



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