Teenage Moms are Not Sinners

Last night I dreamed about something that really opens my mind to this. 
I remember in my dream that I opened a door then I saw a little boy walking towards me while saying "Mama". I am shocked, I'm only 17 years old and I'm already having a baby. The little boy is very adorable, too adorable that makes you love him and I was about to go outside then the little boy holds my hand and want to join me. I've got second thoughts of bringing him outside because some people might judge us, and that is the reason why I wrote this.

Other people always say that teenage moms are those girls who lacks in guidance from their parents, they even say that those are the girls who doesn’t know how to control theirselves. For them, if you are a teenage mom, you have the broken future. But the most painful of those they say is that teenage moms are sinners.
Let me ask you this, how you define sin and mistake? Is it a sin when you made something bad? Maybe, that’s it. But how about mistake? How do you define a mistake? Is it a mistake when you’ve done something wrong? Maybe also. Sometimes we tend to make bad and wrong synonymous to each other, as well as the sin and mistake. But they are not.
Teenage moms are not sinners, they are just one of the million peoples who also commits mistake. It is not a sin having a baby at an early age, it is not a sin carrying life inside you, it’s a blessing from God. Committing mistake is normal, what about those women who aborted their own blood and flesh just to have that you called "Better Furture" do you think it’s just a mistake? No! It’s a sin. How dare them to take away the life that should have been lived? Those womens are the sinners not the teenage moms who bear a child and let their babies to experience the beauty of life even they are not sure if they can support them. A mistake will only become a sin of you didn’t stand by it, if you are too weak to stand on it. Teenage moms are not sinners, those who judge are the ones I can considered as the sinners. Let’s put ourselves in a teenage mom’s shoes and let’s see how hard it is for them, hearing painful words to those people who can’t understand them, being humiliated by others and treating them as the black sheep in our country, it’s hard.

To those teenage moms out there, I just want all of you to know how proud I am. You really defines the essence of a woman and that is to carry a life inside you and become a mother, no matter what your age is, your life status and how you are as a woman. You guys are not sinners, you just committed a mistake and take a courage to deal with it and to stand by it. Continue to live with your little one and God will surely bless you for being brave to face all his challenges just for you. Keep fighting, keep smiling! Aja!

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