The Waste Land

The poem “ A Game of Chess” relates really well with the rest of the poems in “ The Waste land”. It relates well due to the fact it has two points within its words. This poem shows opposing viewpoints. One is a high society and one looks at the lower class. The moves in this a game of chess denotes stages and seduction. How does this relate to the rest of the poems? Like this poem along with the rest, viewpoints play a major role in their theme. Every poem has a theme that is based off someone’s viewpoint. If the same poem was to be written by another author on the same topic, the meaning probably would change. On the other hand, “ A Game of Chess” shows us the more modern and sophisticated look on a matter that is very broad in today’s world. The subject at hand is very modernized due to the fact years ago people were not used to this topic being discussed in literature or even at all. There are no signs of Utopian work within this poem. I say this because Utopian generally stands for a sort of perfect society. That plays no role in this poem because in a perfect culture seduction will not play a role due to the fact that you will most likely be paired with the perfect person and there will be no need to seduce them. “ A Game of Chess” gives us a look on a matter that will not generally be discussed using a platform we all know which is an actual game of chess.

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