Future and plans

I’ve been a professional software/web developer for nine years, and up until eleven months ago I only ever worked as a traditional full-time employee. I’ve worked for big companies as well small ones . Outside of a little freelance work here and there I’d never considered doing contracting full-time, but thought I’d give it a shot.

I am happy to change my mindset about working for my own, and i can list several points:

  • The pay has been good (but you need to be a good money manager, to pay your bills, always consider the fact to save some money for the future)
  • Flexibility: you can make your own time, focus with you family and healthy, no traffic, no crowded places.
  • Less Stress: you only work with what you believe, code quality, implement unit tests, prove yourself you can be an organized person
  • Opportunity to work with people around the world, meet different cultures, and places. That's a great change to improve your second language even learn a new one!
  • Share experiences, that's the point i really like about been a freelances contractor, you learn and share knowledge with everyone. As a community leader here in Brazil, i love share my experiences with everyone it makes me happy to tell my stories about web development

My current contract is almost up and i am searching for a new contracts. I have a couple opportunities to be a full-time again, but that's is not on my plans, actually i am trying to move to Montreal, start my french course (i love french) and it is just the beginning, i have plans to meet the whole world, and the web development (javascript which is the language i love) makes me capable to get some funds to go abroad!

Recently i received an email from Ramiro and he suggested me to know more about Toptal , and i found the place i was searching. I am writing this because i want to be part of the the top 3% of web developers freelance market.

As a talkative person i’m excited for the opportunities that Toptal could open up for me. So i've been reading some tips about javascript interviews to be brush up and get ready for that phone call.

I hope the whole process works good, to start 2016 with a right foot!

Wish me luck ;)