Copy to Greatness

(Ironhack Exercise)

Login and Itinerary Screens

In this exercise we needed to do exact copies of two screens to get a deeper understanding of tools in Sketch.

Details are crucial when considering the overall cohesiveness of any project — from simple screens to entire application design. Not only for practical reasons like the structure and placement of elements, but it just really looks odd when the font you’re using does not fit the aesthetic you’re designing, the colors don’t follow basic principles, or text is misaligned. When I’m staring at the screen I have a gut reaction that something is wrong even if my skills haven’t caught up yet to determine what exactly it is.

I am probably going to need some references for getting better at fonts because I feel dramatically different about what I am reading depending on the font and at the moment I am just feeling my way through fonts that “seems to fit”. Choosing my own background also proved to be its own challenge because while I do like the color palette of the log in background it may prove quite distracting to enough users to be problematic. Lastly, one small note on the faces I used for the itinerary page bother me a bit because I just decided to pull hi res pictures from google, but looking back I wish I add more people with ethnic backgrounds like myself. I will be more cognizant of this in the future because it is a problem I noticed quite a bit before even entering this field.