Frames so Many Frames

(Ironhack Exercise)

In this exercise the goal was to do simple wire framing so that the designer sets a foundation for their work before delving too deep into the details before realizing the underlying structure doesn’t even work.

Oddly enough I have had a lot of experience wire framing and creating simple application flows from past businesses (that didn’t work out) and faux companies back in school. Its a really good practice that helps sort out my thoughts of what I am actually trying to accomplish and what the main points a user focuses on as he or she moves from screen to screen. One thing I would like to do differently in the future is replace the boxes that have a large x with a symbol that a normal person would realize a picture should be there. The large x doesn’t make that readily apparent (or at least it wasn’t to me). Lastly, I decided to use good old “Lorem ipsum” to fill in most of the text, but I think it might be more appealing to use lines in the future for simplification.

Lastly I used Invision to create a very basic prototype flow of what the user will experience when they tap buttons and go through the flow of the application. Using Sketch and Invision together was rather straight forward and did not require much additional education of the new software. Feel free to see the prototype below: