Life is transactional.

Does interest drive our actions? Actions in life are almost always driven by a higher order interest. Have dinner to get insights, meetup and casually drop facts to advance career. I couldn't think of actions that were not motivated by expecting something in return. Are we Machiavellian at our core?

Is the world just a series of transactions? This dynamic starts really early in life when we are just babies with our parents. And it works both ways. For example, parents have children because of their callling to reproduce and care, and babies cry to alert parents they need attention. In a nutshell life is a big series of transactions. Human actions are always driven by an agenda.

But then I thought of the one thing that cancels out the transactional world: LOVE. I thought of the untransactional things I have done since being in Love with my wife. My life is untransactional with her and its sublime. Its actually backwards I feel I need to do things for her because thats my duty. And then I also understood this also applies to the actions I do with my close family and friends. Why? LOVE.

Are we insane letting transactions dictate our day to day actions, always expecting something in return? or does Love make us crazy since actions with Love do not have an ulterior motive.

I do not know the answer. But it feels good to do things with no strings attached.

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