I Will Die (Mentally) in 21 years (in 2038)

So my grandpa died at age 92. I am 29 years old now (2017). In theory, I have 63 years left of life.

So assuming I will die at 92, I will die in 2080.

The half-way of my life will be around 2038 at age 50.

I have lived about a third of my life already. Which means my smartphone battery is around 66%. Which isn’t horrible, but I need to start conserving my smartphone battery (aka, my time and my life).

III: What if I get a mental disease at age 50?

I am not guaranteed to live to 92.

I can get some mental disease at age 50 (think this happened to my dad) — so in theory I only have 21 years left.

And to me, having a debilitating mental disease (like Nietzsche) is akin to death to me.

So my smartphone battery (life) is around 55%. Holy shit, I’m running out of time. Why am I wasting my time and my life — to earn more money, to buy more shit I don’t need — whereas I should be devoting my life to help others?

IV: Your life is a smartphone battery

Life is like a smartphone battery, except we don’t have a charger. What apps would we not waste our battery on?

Another thing — we can suddenly go from 90% charge to 20% overnight (if we get cancer, heart disease, some rare disease).

So what apps would you stop using in life — to extend your smartphone battery (life)?

For me, I would stop wasting my time on these things:

  1. Earning more money (can’t take the zeros and commas in my bank account after I die)
  2. Wasting time with pointless entertainment and travel
  3. Time away from loved ones and family

And I would focus on:

  1. Creating more empowering information
  2. Studying learning more about the world and about art
  3. Serving others even more — helping others more

So friend, if you knew your smartphone battery in life were only at 50% — what would you stop doing in life, and what would you start doing?

Be strong, Eric

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