How to Get More Instagram Followers

  1. Follow as many other people you can, hoping that they will ‘follow back’
  2. If someone doesn’t follow you back, unfollow them. After all, you don’t want your follower/following ratio to look unbalanced.
  3. Hashtag the shit out of your photos. The more hashtags, the better. Don’t forget to leave additional comments on the bottom of your photos to add more hashtags.
  4. Go on Google and search for services to get you more followers.
  5. Whenever you meet someone in real life, tell them to follow you.
  6. Like and comment as many other people’s photos, so maybe they can follow you back.
  7. Upload a photo everyday, or else you might actually lose followers.
  8. Cross-promote: Tell your Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram. Tell your Twitter followers to follow you on Instagram. Tell your YouTube followers to follow you on Instagram. Use every social media channel to remind them to follow you on Instagram.
  9. Get people with a lot of followers on Instagram to mention you on their Instagram.
  10. Check your phone every 5 minutes, because the more you check, the more likely you are to get more followers. It is the ‘law of attraction.’

I am guilty of all of these.

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