Be like Nike — just shoot it.

The biggest mistake we make in our photography is that we overcomplicate things. We read too many books and theories on photography. We look up to our idols on Instagram. We try to put on the perfect filter on our photos, to get more likes.

1. What is a photographer?

But at the end of the day, being a photographer is to make photos. To capture moments. To capture the souls of your subjects in your viewfinder.

To crystallize your memories into 1’s and 0’s. To compose your frame, with your surgeon-like eye.

2. Why do we over-complicate things?

In physical fitness, we read all these muscle magazines on the perfect rep scheme to get ‘swole.’ But the easiest thing is to just do it– to get on the ground, and just start doing pushups.

In art, we need to just make art. We need to just do it. To not share our art project ideas; but to open up Photoshop, Illustrator, open up a pen and a pad, and to put your ideas onto paper (digital or analog).

3. You have all the tools necessary

In photography; just shoot.

Don’t worry about projects. Just photograph your own reality.

Photograph your morning routine. Photograph your loved ones. Photograph yourself.

4. Just shoot.

Let’s keep it simple.

Just shoot.

5. Practical tips to shoot more

If you suffer ‘photographer’s block‘, some tips:

a. Shoot only with your smartphone for a month

Use the simplest camera possible; your smartphone. Use the default camera app. Upload one photo a day to Instagram or Facebook, or your own blog (I recommend or for free sites, or make your own blog — signup via

b. Don’t think before you shoot

Turn off your brain with your photography. If you see something that compels your soul to make a photograph. Just click the shutter. Figure out whether to keep it or ditch it later.

c. Just photograph your house for a day

We all complain that our environment is boring. So use it to your advantage. Make the most creative photos in your (boring) house.

If you shoot film, shoot one full roll of film (36 photos) in your house in one day.

If you shoot digital, shoot 36 photos inside your home. And make the most creative photos you can.


Unsticky your trigger finger. Don’t overthink photography. Keep it simple.

Make photos that are personal, mundane, and simple.

Don’t overthink it. Just shoot it.


Originally published at on March 19, 2017.