I’ll tell you what parenting a toddler is.

It’s watching Curious George at night with your kid, an episode in which the two scientists (Einstein and Pizza) drop a machine full of all kinds of sensors into the sea somewhere in the north Atlantic ocean, which is then dragged by sea currents and lost, so after 6 years they track the signal from the device and try to retrieve it because it’s been acquiring data all that time. And then you think “Hey, I would like to see what data they have. Maybe they could map temperature variations along the current. Or maybe they were able to observe changes in water pH over that time. Maybe they managed track variations in dissolved oxygen levels in that region. Or maybe they could check for radioactive waste somewhere. Maybe they could cross all that with travelled distance, depth and proximity to industrial areas. That’s extremely valuable information, and could be pretty useful for environmental research. We could expand the sites to be probed, and we could enhance the sensitivity of those sensors, maybe make it so you can acquire data in real time. Looks awesome, we should totally be funding more projects like that.”

And then you see a monkey driving a submarine.

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