Tales of a Man Who Shouldn’t Be There

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The guy you see running for his life through the woods along the Tumen River, almost at the triple border in North Korea, is Tom. The soldiers chasing him are just a handful of Kim Jong-un’s personal guard. And the reason they want to catch him is that he was caught painting Van Gogh’s Starry Night on the supreme leader’s naked back, him being completely blacked out, while a cow dressed as Minnie Mouse licked his hair and a radio played Irish folk songs.

Tom is obviously quite desperate trying to escape, although at the same time pretty confused of how all that came to be. The problem is pretty much due to a sleeping condition that he has, and it’s a bit more exciting than somnambulism.

Tom can make his dreams come true.

So, at first, that may sound pretty awesome. However, bear in mind that we’re not talking about personal life objectives or simple daydreaming, like riding a Lambo in the streets of Monaco. Tom sleeps and dreams pretty much like the rest of us, common stuff, sexy stuff and eventually crazy weird stuff. But he always wakes up in a continuation of that dream. He might be driving the Lambo when he comes to self, which is all right except for the fact that the car he is in actually belongs to someone else —for instance, a soccer player, a famous rapper, or a big boss of the Russian mob.

So this is Tom’s current situation, living a day at a time because he can never tell where or when he will show up the next day. With some luck, maybe find out the reason behind those unusual circumstances. To be more specific at this very moment, trying to really outrun the North Korean military and find a safe hideout, until the next day comes and he can — hopefully — wake up somewhere else, calmer than here, if that’s not too much to ask.

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