Hack Facebook in 3 minutes with FamHack.com

Internet has played a fundamental role in the development of life of any human being in the XXI century, so knowing how to protect against cyber-attacks is crucial. Especially, most social networks are visited by hackers frequently, since there are countless numbers of users who can become victims of hacking easily.

We will explain about famhack.com and how this tool is used by millons of persons which want hack a facebook.

Facebook is the social network with the largest number of users in the world. Therefore, it is a regular target of malicious attacks. There are plenty of cases which someone has been a victim of some kind of Facebook hack. So, if you want to keep your Facebook account completely safe and non-intrusive, consider that it is possible to hack a Facebook account in just minutes.

How is it possible to hack a Facebook account in a few minutes?

Some careless people have the habit of checking their Facebook accounts in public places, and do not take some precautions as one as simple as closing the browser before leaving the place where they are. Some malicious people take advantage of this and apply simple and easy tricks to access the accounts. For example, there are certain Internet browsers which a user who has little knowledge about programming language may be able to know the password of the user who did not close the browser. By entering a simple text and executing certain steps, they obtain private information from the user, and if the process is done properly, the password should appear in the small drop-down window, with all its characters visible.

This kind of hacking is made by malicious people in just 2 or 3 minutes, therefore, it is imperative to be cautious when using a social network in public places.

It is said that ‘hacking’ another account is not difficult at all. And it is truth, it is possible to hack an account in just few minutes.

How to protect yourself from these kinds of tricks

Obviously, you would not ever want to be the victim of any kind of hacking, so you need to take preventive measures to avoid falling into the traps. What can you do?

As you could read on this article, when using the same computer from another person who knows the previous trick explained above, you can put yourself at risk of intrusion of your account. Therefore, avoid to log into your Facebook account at all costs from unreliable devices or public computers, these are common threats. And if you only have to log in to a public computer, delete all browsing data — not just the history — including cookies and other elements, to remove all the trace of your login on of your computer.

How to avoid other types of hacking

However, in addition to this simple hack trick, there are many other ways to get hacked. That’s why it’s crucial that you know things you should abstain in order to keep your Facebook account safe and optimal, and so you can minimize the chances of being hacked. Here you are some useful tips:

Avoid getting into pages that do not look very reliable

There are many ways to realize that a page is not secure:

· Some of them do not have the “https” protocol at the beginning of the site address. This protocol means that the page is secure. Obviously, since you do not have such a protocol, there is a risk that exists malicious content so that someone tries to access your personal information, such as your Facebook account.

· There are a lot of ads everywhere. Websites, in general, have advertisements. But if a page contains ads in excess, there are reasons to doubt about its reliability, especially, if this feature is mixed with the previous one.

Uses a complicated password

A lot of people underestimate the power of having a complex password in maintaining their account security. The truth is that it is essential to have a very difficult password because is harder to guess. Anyone who has access to your basic personal information (birthday date, phone number, or even your name,) can be a threat to the security of your account in these cases.

Do not download software from unknown sites

This is a common way which your computer could be infected, and at the same time, someone hacks your personal data from your social networks. Why? Sometimes, when we want to do an specific task, we start looking for some software that can help us, however, we find pages that offer it easily but instead of being useful, they contain Trojans viruses that steal information from your Pc or social networks.

Update your antivirus constantly

Hackers are specialists in computer development, they do not rest until finding new ways to make vulnerable computers and pages whose content bring them some benefits. That’s why updates of your antivirus protect your computer from new threats created by hackers.

Change your passwords periodically

Sometimes we forget about this simple tip which is quite useful. Hacking a password can take time, however, if we change our passwords periodically, it will allow us to have more security in our data, and therefore, we will make the work more difficult for cyber criminals.

Be careful about what you store or publish in a social network

It is said that things published in a social network are never erased, and this statement sounds quite logical. Data such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers and possible passwords are a source of happiness for hackers, so, such data should never be published or stored on a social network

Avoid accepting requests from strangers

It might be easy for us to fall into the temptation of accepting a lot of people in our Facebook account, because that’s what it’s all about, it’s a network to make friends. But be careful, there are programs known as bots or cyber robots that send false requests, and any other amount of false issues as a decoy, so that hackers may get victims and hacking accounts.