High school teacher and astronaut Christa McAuliffe rides with her daughter before the Challenger disaster (1985).

I hope my daughters fall in love with Space(X)

I remember vividly as a grade school kid watching the space shuttle launches and landings. I remember as a fourth grader when NASA announced a nationwide contest to select a teacher to go on a Shuttle mission and one of the teachers from our school decide to apply (she wasn’t accepted, but that didn’t matter). I recall with horror as we watched the Challenger explode moments after take off from my homeroom.

Space was a phenomenon to me as a kid.

My love of technology, exploring, imagination and creation was in many ways inspired by the adventures of space — less the movies about space battles or wars, but more about the reality of man traveling to space. No I didn’t grow up with the initial space race or moon landings, but I grew up on the Shuttle.

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