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Deciding to decide for yourself, can be the most powerful lever to improve our happiness and our success. Donna Khalife should know.

For Donna Khalife, her life was a series of rational, deliberate decisions that led her to the top Business School and job offers in Wall Street and Silicon Valley. And she took “none of the above”, choosing a life following her passions that has led her to the hills of Hollywood, a top rated author and today a Shark Tank alum who’s company Surprise Ride has raised millions after first being passed over by the Sharks

So how do you decide?

Experts say our decision-making process as either rational or emotional — meaning we are carefully deliberate, or just act and go with our gut. …

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We are all proving ourselves to others — even if your prior job was working for the President at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

It doesn’t get much bigger than working for the President of the United States. And for Aneesh Chopra serving as the country’s first Chief Technology Officer as the country embraced open data, innovation and lean startup principles, he was at the heart of the future.

But how do you transition into something new when you’ve built a two-decade long career in something entirely different? …


Eric Koester

Creating Creators. Founder of Creator Institute helping individuals discover, demonstrate and accelerate their own path to expertise & credibility.

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