Getting Started with Assigned

First, is this app for you?

Do you plan ahead using a calendar? Use a to-do list either with sticky notes or an app? Is there a lot on your mind throughout the day? Assigned is the app for you!

Unload your mind of tasks and ideas

When you open Assigned, you can quickly add tasks and ideas you want to revisit later. Tap on the text box, or press + to add a task.

Each newly added task will appear in the Unplanned section. The Planned section will show you uncompleted tasks that are on your calendar. Later, we’ll see how to plan a task.

When adding a new task, an info button will appear which will allow you to add more details.

Revise and add deadlines

Select a task to view its details. Here, you can rename the title, add a note and set a deadline.

Add a deadline by tapping on the icon next to “Add:”

A deadline can include a time or not. If time in not included, the task would appear overdue at the end of the day, or midnight of the following day.

Plan each task onto your calendar

On this screen your calendar is imported into Assigned after accepting to allow assigned to use your calendar.

At the bottom is a stack of tasks that need planning (this also includes overdue tasks). First, find an open space on your calendar where you’d like to plan the task that is currently shown on top of the stack. Then, tap and drag the task onto the open space in your calendar. The task turns into a calendar event.

You can adjust the start and end times here by tap and holding the event to adjust the entire event. Or, tap and drag the two white bars in the middle of the event to adjust the length of the event.

Note: to properly plan a task, it must be added to the calendar later than the current time. Only then, the task will appear in the Planned section.

Continue adding all the tasks from the stack of unplanned tasks to you calendar to finish planning. Now, that you’ve added all of your tasks onto your calendar your Unplanned section is empty.

Note: after adding a few tasks, Assigned will prompt you to allow notifications. Currently, Assigned will only display an icon badge showing you how many unplanned and overdue tasks you have since you last opened Assigned.

The extra features

You are not limited to using your calendar in Assigned. Tasks added to your calendar in-app are visible outside of assigned.

Also, any changes to the calendar events made outside of Assigned, such as on a calendar app on your computer, will update the tasks when you reopen the app on your phone.