Fueling Growth In The Enterprise With Traction Technology Partners

Erick Schonfeld
Mar 17, 2016 · 4 min read
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If you don’t change, you don’t grow. That’s as true for companies as it is for individuals. Today I am announcing the start of our new company, Traction Technology Partners. Over the past few months, my co-founder, Neal Silverman, and I have been revving up Traction Technology Partners (TTP) to help CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, chief innovation officers and other enterprise executives better connect with emerging tech.

At TTP, we source and vet emerging technologies for our partners and clients, and provide access to the fastest-growing technologies across the enterprise. Our entire focus is matching the most promising startups with the CIOs, CMOs, and business leaders in large organizations responsible for adopting new technology products.

We do this in two ways: 1) TTP builds Emerging Technology Councils with partner organizations, and 2) we craft custom Innovation Discovery Programs directly for corporate clients. The councils are presented as a series of virtual events, culminating in real-world dinners, summits, and conferences. In between, council members can learn from one another and network in a private Slack channel. Our custom events and programs for corporations also take advantage of a combination of virtual and in-person events for learning, discovering, and connecting with enterprise startups.

We work with CIOs, CMOs, Chief Innovation Officers, and executives charged with finding new technologies to help turbocharge growth in the enterprise. If you would like to learn more about the Innovation Discovery Program and what we can do for your enterprise, or if you run a media or research organization and would like to explore building an Emerging Technology Council focussed on your target market, please contact us. You can learn more about our services here.

For startups, we want to match the best, up-and-coming startups with potential customers. (Our customers are the enterprise. We never charge startups). If you would like your startup to be considered to present to the technology buyers and decision-makers who are members of one of our Emerging Technology Councils, you can apply on our site by taking a Traction Challenge. We are currently running three different challenges to search for startups: a Cloud Challenge, IoT Challenge, and Machine Learning Challenge

TTP also marks a personal change for both of us. Neal and I used to run the DEMO conferences. He was the SVP and General Manager, and I was the Executive Producer. Our final DEMO was last September.

DEMO was amazing. We helped hundreds of startups launch and demo their products, created a new growth conference called DEMO Traction, and brought inspiring speakers onstage including Peter Thiel, Vinod Khosla, Steve Wozniak, Alan Kay, Helen Greiner, Stewart Butterfield, Michelle Zaitlyn, Jeremy Stoppleman, Steve Papa, Aaron Levie, Di-Ann Eisnor, Jeremy Allaire, and Phil Libin.

While hosting DEMO, we identified a significant new trend: some of our most loyal attendees were big-company CIOs and execs searching for emerging tech. There was a real hunger to figure out the world of startups, and get an early look at the next growth market or competitive threat.

Although TTP’s only been in business officially for less than three months, we are seeing some real traction ourselves. Already we’ve signed up four partners. We’re excited to be working with IDG’s CIO Executive Council, Wearable IoT World, the C-Suite Network, and Outsell building Emerging Technology Councils and custom events—with more partners on the way.

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Another announcement we are making today is the formation of the IoT Global Council with our partner Wearable IoT World (the publisher of ReadWrite and operator of one of the top IoT incubators). The Internet is expanding at an unprecedented rate as computation moves into smaller and smaller devices in the post-mobile world. Connected devices are finding their way into our bodies, clothes, cars, factories, and homes. The Internet of Things will transform the way we live and work, and the IoT Global Council will bring together the emerging leaders of this emerging technology sector. If you are an IoT leader who helps set the strategic direction for IoT in your organization, you are welcome to apply to join the IoT Global Council.

And for those of you who simply want to keep up with emerging technologies, you can sign up for the Traction TouchCast, our interactive video newsletter. (I am also a co-founder of TouchCast, the video platform we will be using, so I am glad that I finally found a way to combine my two main professional interests).

Every business leader needs to keep up with constant change. It’s the difference between thriving and simply surviving. At TTP, we are building an innovation discovery platform that feels like part of your team. Come along for the ride.

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