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I am interested in the Business Solutions sectors. In particular, Merchant Services, Alternative Lending, Data, Technology, Social Media, and Web and/ or any other product which can be used by small business owners in the U.S.

As a serial entrepreneur, my passion is aiding, consulting and guiding companies to success. Since 1992 I have worked within the private and public sector. For the last decade I have been involved in numerous ventures which focus on servicing small and mid-sized businesses nationwide.

Currently, I am involved with a business solution company which offers a broad spectrum of products and services for small to mid-sized business in the U.S. I am very interested in investing in, and /or partnership opportunities with visionaries, technology experts and marketing specialists. As well as entrepreneurs with vision, courage and foresight.

Past Investment participation per project:
Merchant Services $50,000–2,000,000
Alternative Lending $25,000–200,000
Social Media $50,000 — $500,000
Sales/Marketing Groups $50,000 — $500,000
Technology $35,000 — $500,000
Retail $90,000 — $500,000
Public Markets $100,000,000 plus

  • Location:
  • United States, New York
  • Sectors: Technology, Financial Services, Mobile Apps, Other
  • Stages interested in: Startup, EarlyStage, Growth
  • Mentor: Yes
  • Registered Investor: Yes
  • Issuer Entrepreneur: No

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