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Father, Husband, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Visionary with passion for aiding, consulting and guiding companies towards success. Since 1992, I have worked within the private and public sector. An expert in sales, marketing and branding, while effectively guiding others. In 2004 began evolving the business to business solutions and technology sector, worked on ventures which focus on servicing small and mid-sized businesses nationwide. In 2014, assembled a team of experts to refocus business solution sector by offering a broad spectrum of products and services for small to mid-sized business in the U.S.. I am very interested in investing in, and /or partnership opportunities with visionaries, technology experts and marketing specialists. As well as new entrepreneurs with vision, courage and foresight. Past Investment participation per project: Merchant Services $50,000–2,000,000 Alternative Lending $25,000–200,000 Social Media $50,000 — $500,000 Sales/Marketing Groups $50,000 — $500,000 Technology $35,000 — $500,000 Retail $90,000 — $500,000 Public Markets $100,000,000 plus I am interested in the Business Solutions sectors. In particular, Merchant Services, Alternative Lending, Data, Technology, Social Media, and Web and/ or any other product which can be used by small business owners in the U.S.

February 2014 — Present

Intelagy is taking “Business Solutions” to the next level. A company which provides true value to its customers, staff and partners. Ongoing National Expansion and OPPORTUNITY for the right partners.

November 2011 — Present

jjlist is an online community connecting business owners and patrons. Business owners may list their business, post pictures, menus, promos and participate in exciting events. Patrons may List’em, Love’Em, Hate’Em, Rate’Em real people, real opinions. Reservation and Appointment setting, local events and community announcements. Find a next favorite doctor, lawyer or restaurant and more… on jjlist.com Guest and professional bloggers voice opinions to a targeted audience. More unique features coming daily. Classifieds Couponing Pre order Find friends And so much more…

2006 — Present

Highest sign up bonus in the business. Seasoned veterans will receive sign on bonus up to $100,000!!! all conversations confidential. email me direct erickuv at gmail.com

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