It’s all about the length.

The Mangrove Monkey

Upside down in a Mangrove tree, There lives a monkey like you and me,

There’s a story with his hairy tail, his long ape arms, and monkey face,

So sit back and let the Monkey’s tale take place.

One day he swang at break neck speeds,

Tipping from the treetops and crashing down the leaves,

An ornery tiger spotted him and began to think,

“I’m getting thin, I’ll dine on that monkey and have a coconut to drink”

“Monkey, monkey what’s your name? I do believe we can play a game.”

The monkey stopped with a startled yelp. “I do believe I can have fun myself.”

“You go hunting Tiger as you please, and leave me here to ride the breeze.”

The tiger though was not easily persuaded;

“Come down at once” he reiterated.

“And I will teach you to bounce and pounce, and then think of how much faster you will be.”

“High up top that Mangrove tree.”

“Mr. Tiger, I respect your wish but fearfull am I that you think me a dish.”

“You must admit you’re reputation is rather bad, I mean look the relationships you’ve had.”

“First you were friends with a cute Macaw, but you turned her into a bird coleslaw.”

“Oh no, you’ve got me wrong” Said the tiger as he licked his sharpened claw,

“She simply flew down south around the bay, that was a present she gave before she went away.”

“And what about the jumping Antelope, you dined on her with figs, bamboo shoots, and cantaloupe.” The monkey said, scratching up a top of his head.

“I would never, eat a piece of meat, you see to me, it smells of rotten feet. Now please come down and do make haste, look at all of the time you waste.’’

“Well what about the sneaky snake, you used him as tube to drink a lake.”

“I can tell you face to face, I did not suck a snake in any case. The snake is probably hiding up there in that tree, and it will be he that eats you and not me.”

The Monkey now, his concerns were not abated. “I believe he’s trying to scare me down” thought the Monkey but if I do, I’ll be ill-fated. The tiger now he bounced his very best bounce, and showed off his quickest pounce.

The Monkey thought that does look fun,

As he ate a ripened plum.

“I tell you what, you tiger you, when the cute Macaw that flew across the bay, comes back from her holiday, and when the jumpy Antelope does re-emerge than I think then we can converge. The snake too when he dries out, will want to come and slither about,

We can play and bounce all day,

It will be better with our friends there anyway.

The tiger he did snuff and shout, he grimaced and growled and let all of his roaring out, But all in all to no avail, the monkey then coiled up his tail. He sprang up to a higher tree, and left the tiger to be as tigers be.

The moral here, it could be said, is while some seem nice, they might want you dead. Better to be circumspect, be cautious and genuflect, then be an aperitif, a grilled up morsel on a bamboo leaf.

Furthermore one might find, of all the defenses of the mind, a little manners here and there might stave away a vicious bear. For manners are not just to be proper, or to put coins in a lawyers coffer, indeed they serve with wit and charm and to defend. Do it right, and at length, the tiger will not comprehend. If the pen is mightier than the sword, than wit is a pen, made with the flesh of the tongue. That whispers to death, “Where do you want the killing done.”