Final Reflection

Sustained Argument Paper

Genre Transformation

My Writing at the Beginning of the Semester: As a bilingual writer, I have always struggled with writing and considered myself an average writer at best. Also, the fact that I had not written a paper longer than one page in a whole year did not help my confidence. This was obvious to me because during the first few weeks, as I sometimes even struggled to write form posts. I have always thought that my strengths in writing were my content and the way I structure my arguments. I felt that I made this clear in post three and two, where I was able effectively able to analyze both articles for what made them credible sources. I Never had any trouble analyzing a passage or find the theme in something. However, my weaknesses are with grammar and sentence structure, even as I tend to edit my paper multiple times. I felt that this was clearly shown through all my post as they each needed a bit more editing. In the past I would always stick to simple sentences and the same transitions, to not make any mistakes. However, this semester I decided to take a risk and try more complex structures.

My current identity as writer: This class helped me find a voice, and confidence when sharing my writing. Before this class my writing was confusing and repetitive, this class helped me find a more natural voice, that makes my ideas easier to understand. This hybrid class taught me writing is a way of expressing your thoughts, and should not be confined to an MLA format.

Future Writing: I would be lying if I told you that after this class I have discovered a sect passion for writing. However, I am still a student and I know that most of my classes will require me to write. Also in the future, I aspire to be to be a business professional able to use writing effectively to communicate with others clearly.

My personal reflections: Through the semester I was faced with a few obstacles. The first being that I had not planned for the online meetings to be on Tuesday. And most of my class meet through this day. I found myself having to make up early to complete the online assignments. I encountered a second a second obstacle when my laptop broke, and lost a lot of work not only for this class. This showed me easily it is to fall behind in a class, and how important communication was for a hybrid class. Even though things didn’t go as I had planned, I still think this class pestered me for the next chapter in my writing career, Business GWAR.

Reflection on Course: Although I felt that this class was not the right match for me, however I did appreciate all the feedback I got on my writing. Before this I had no idea about passive voice, and had not realized how bad it made my writing sound. I also enjoyed who all the writing assignments made us work on our research skills, as it showed me that credible sources could be much more than an Article. I feel like the most engaging and clearing moments when you lectured in class. If this class is going fully online, I suggest having web lectures or weekly individual meeting with the instructor. Lastly, notifications or reminders would also make a great addition to this class.

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