Envisioning alternative futures.

Hi! This is my first entry in Medium. As a part of my specialization in futures thinking, I will try from now on to exercise my knowledge by imagining or envisioning alternative futures of many topics, based on signals I stumble upon in my everyday life. It will consist of 4 possible futures (growth, constraint, collapse and transformation futures).

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

I found a very repetitive signal about skin health so here are my 4 short described possible futures by 2032:

Growth future: Skin care products will become more cheap but also more functional. People will become more conscious about their skin health giving room for more innovation and technology in that area. Government and private companies will cooperate with no secret interests.

Collapse future: The technology required for the elaboration of products will develop at a slower pace and maybe sun flares will become more dangerous because of global warming and the disappearing of the ozone layer, giving room for what could be the next global pandemic: skin cancer.

Constraint future: People will think that taking care of their skin health is only for rich or wealthy people. Government health campaigns will not address the issue, so the growing and acceptation of skin care products/education will be slow and will not reflect any change as of today.

Transformation future: Skin health treatments will get cheaper, there will be no more animal testings and possibly scientist will find the perfect natural ingredient that the earth provides as a base ingredient for new products. More specialized treatments will be accesible for everyone.

If you find my envisions interesting, let me know. Remember this is just an exercise and we as human beings have the future in our hands. We need to work for the future we want. - EY



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